The Lines In Your Palm Can Unveil Secrets About Your Life. I Read Mine And It Was Spot On

With its teachings in the Hebrew Bible’s Book of Job, the study of palmistry is believed to be one of the most ancient arts of learning. It is believed that palmistry was actually taught and studied as an independent field among the Egyptians and the Hindus. However, it was two French men D’Arpentigny and Desbarolles who can be credited with giving palmistry the modern day approach that we know so well today.

The art of palmistry and the act of reading and deciphering the secrets folded between our palms is widespread today and continues to fascinate everyone, worldwide. Whether there is depth to this knowledge or not, we may never be able to tell accurately. While many people do not take this as an independent science, there are scientific studies which reveal that palmistry can reveal things about one’s health, future, personality as well as sexuality.

But take a look at your hands anyway:

If you turn up your palms and take a quick look, you’ll see a web of interconnecting lines. The size and shape of your hands along with the length and depth of these lines individually and in relation to each other can reveal a lot about your personality, life, past, present and future.

Size and shape of hands:

Size and shape of hands:

If you have ever had your palms read by a palmist, you will know that they first they do is to take a hold of your hands and get a feel of them. That’s how they determine the shape, size and texture of your skin and rationalize it according to their learning. The size and shape of your hands have as important a role in palmistry as the lines within them.

Small hands

Small hands

An energetic, excitable personality who thrive when given leadership roles. They are usually good with money.

Medium-sized hands

These types of people have a well-rounded personality and get on well with other people but especially with those who belong to the business world.

Large hands

Their personality is meticulous in nature and pays great attention to detail. They also happen to be very obedient and can follow orders.

Narrow hands

They are their biggest critics and always see the glass half empty when it comes to them.

Wide hands

Sympathetic and empathetic, they have the ability to see things from the other person’s point of view instead of just being narrowed to their own. They make great spouses and friends.

Hands with relatively longer fingers than the palm

They are so attentive to details that it will hinder the completion of whatever task that they take on. They will also always second guess everything.

Hands with larger palms as compared to fingers

They are good with plans and seeing them through. However, they just cannot concentrate on the little details.

Squared hands

Street smart, these people have a great sense of accuracy, judgment and logic. It is not hard for them to see reason even when it contradicts with what they want.

Pointed hands

They are spiritual to an extent and hold great ideals. Apparently, they can never be wrong but would do better in listening to other’s opinions every now and then.

Right and left handedness:

The dominant hands portrays a person’s personality and potential while the less dominant one gives insight into various aspects of a person’s life. So, for example, if you are right-handed then that will be your dominant hand and will reveal what your personality is like and the potentials that you have. Your left hand will give the reader an insight into various aspects of your life including things that have changed over time, things that will be and hints into the future. The opposite is true for left-handed people.

The lines on your palms:

The lines on our palms are divided into twelve sections however among all these, there will be three lines that are the most easily distinguishable. These are called the head, heart and life lines and are deeply etched into your skin and have varying lengths.

The life line

It begins between the thumb and the index finger and continues downwards towards the base of the palm. It draws the most speculation and attention and it is believed that the length of this line reveals the longevity of one’s life. However, that is not true and this line reveals the experiences you will have in life as well as your physical and emotional health.

Deep: not many obstacles in life.

Faint: not many adventures in life.

Deep and long: vitality, health and a well-balanced personality.

Deep and short: ability to overcome challenges in life.

Faint and short: can be easily manipulated by others.

Broken: indicates a literal break in life due to illness, loss of someone near and dear as well as accidents. If the break is on a single palm it means an illness but not a very serious one. A break on life lines on both the palms means a more serious illness.

Forked: indicates a huge change in life or a life-altering interruption.

The heart line

This line starts below the index or middle finger and extends all the way towards the pinky finger. It reveals information about your heart’s health as well as indicates at emotional health. It can also tell about the relationships we have with others.

“Short: introvert and self-absorbed. Long: warm, loving and extrovert but has unrealistic expectations.”

” Straight: logical and analytical when it comes to relationships. Wavy: multiple relationships in life but lack of commitment. Deep: a stressful life and disturbed emotionally. Straight and parallel to head line: have great control of their emotions. Clear and deep: honest and generous.”

” Faint: lack of empathy for others. Broken: prone to moodiness and fed up emotionally. Double forked: a great balance between head and heart. Triple forked: balance between heart, mind and soul.”


Head line

“It begins just above the life line, between the thumb and index finger and extends towards the other edge of the palm. At times it will have the same point of origin as the life line and then branches outwards which shows a stubborn and headstrong personality. This is the most important line of all in Chinese palmistry.”

“Short: analytical and logical. Long: intellectually capable with a good memory. Deep: strong concentration and practical approach.”

” Faint: typically a dreamer with no inclination towards being practical. Wavy: a constant battle between heart and head. Curved/sloping: a romantic who seeks out adventure at every opportunity.”

” Broken: mentally fed up.”

” Forked: a great intellectual who has command over speaking, writing and is a thinker. Absent: a laidback attitude towards life. A double life line: uncommon and hints at a stronger connection to life, emotional stability and higher intellect.”

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